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"My son couldn't put it down!"

- Shari, Amazon Review

"Fun, funny and educational"

- Laura L, NetGalley

"Perfect life lessons without preaching"

"... kindness, helping others and actions leading to consequences ..."

- Laura Hartman, WriteKNIT blog


"Grandpa will love reading this and laughing through Jamieson's adventures with Xavion"

- G. Perkins, Amazon review

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For ages 7-10 | Grades 2-4

For ages 7-10 | Grades 2-4

Never Talk to Ravens

 Xavion is in big trouble.

But the kangaroo is in even bigger trouble. Should Xavion help him?

Can Xavion, a boy with big feet, and Jamieson, a homesick kangaroo, help each other?

This fast-paced book features

… basketball, carnivals, high-jumping,

… talking animals, airplanes,

… school and a globe-spanning adventure.

This book is designed to entertain even reluctant readers. Graphics and illustrations are sprinkled throughout.

You’ll love Never Talk to Ravens because Xavion is about to find out that what he thinks is a weakness is really a strength.

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